These are businesses you can buy from that have done renewable projects that will ship to you: 

1)   Everything except...

2)  Food and Food Related

3)  Coffee and Tea

4)  Wineries

5)  Products to Produce Renewable Energy

Eventually this section may include a list of breweries that have done renewable energy projects, even though many of you may live in states where it's illegal for brewers to ship beer to your residence.  The list can currently be seen on the home page.  Years ago, before craft beers became popular, I attended a party that required those attending to bring a sixpack of a foreign beer.  It was an interesting party.  The host didn't even complain when the party was over and there was a lot of beer left at his residence.  Last time I checked, there are still people out there who like to party.  Think about having a party where those attending have to bring a 4 pack or 6 pack of a beer made by a brewery that's done a renewable energy project.  By having such a party you'd be helping to educate people that there are products made from renewables, which could inspire people to look for them for purchase, and that could help renewable growth  In the meantime, consider having a party where people have to bring a bottle of wine made at a winery that's done a renewable project.  You can find such wineries above.  Please please me and drink responsibly.  Party On.